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Soft Hook Extension (Soft-Tye), 18" or 12", (pr)

Price: From $6.45 to $6.75
Manufacturer: Misc.
Manufacturer Part No: Soft Hook Extension

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Soft Hook Extension (Soft-Tye), 18" or 12", (pr)

  • 4500 lb strength nylon strap.
  • Prenvents Scratching.
  • Use instead of hooks.
  • 18" or 12" Length 
  • Sold in pairs

We only recommend using Ratchet Straps for motorcycles. 
Using these Soft-Tye's will make Strapping your Bike or vehicle a lot easier.
The 18" are the most popular.  If you need to attach to a lower portion on your bike the 12" Length may be a better option.

The use of Ratchet Tie-Downs lets you increase the tension on the motorcycles suspension, which in turn will reduce shock loading the straps when the trailer hits a bump. Shock loading occurs when the motorcycle's suspension compresses to absorb the shock. The tie-down straps go slack and then are snapped tight as the suspension expands.  Ratchet straps will compress the motorcycle's suspension farther than the cam types.

You should tie-down the motorcycle by either the frame or a part solidly mounted to the frame of the bike. The use of six ratchet tie-downs per bike, four at the front and two at the back will give you the maximum amount of safety.
On most touring and sport bikes two sets of ratchet straps with Soft Loop (Soft Tye's) Extensions to surround the triple tree or bottom of risers. One set pulling the front tire directly into the chock and the second pulling forward and out to the side. 
At the back of the bike place a Soft Hook Extention (Soft-Tye's) around the passenger handgrips, the passenger foot pegs, or the rear frame of the bike itself. This will require a little bit of experimentation as your bike may have pipes or other parts that could interfere with the strap's run. Things to watch out for would include dull as well as sharp corners as chafe is a major cause of strap failure and hot pipes or anything that might be damaged if a metal portion of the ratchet contacts a chromed part of the bike.
Sometimes interference or contact can be avoided by reversing the strap or using the Soft-Tye-s, which would move where the ratchet sits in relation to the bike or bring the hook away from the bike.

Attach the straps to eyebolt or floor fittings mounted in the frame or flooring. If your flooring is wood use locknuts and large washers to avoid loosening or even worse having the eyebolts pulled through the wood due to shock loading. Always check your tie-down points for tightness.

Some extra tips

Do not tie-down your motorcycle by the handlebars. Tying down the bike by the handlebars can result in the bars being pulled down and the tie-downs loosened. Regardless of the type of motorcycle you ride the handlebars are not designed to accept the stresses that are generated in towing down rough roads or hitting potholes.  This is just an accident waiting to happen.

Tie-down straps should form a 45-degree angle between the bike and floor, consequently the lower on the bike that the tie-downs are the closer to the bike the floor tie-downs can be and still be secure.   Do not use rear bag guards to tie-down the motorcycle. They will be pulled right off of the bike.

Never put a cover on your motorcycle when towing it on an open trailer unless the cover is specifically designed for that purpose. Grit and tiny movements of the cover will "sand" the paint right off of your motorcycle.

Always make sure if you were to loose one strap, that the bike would not be affected.

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